Grace Otum, RD LD

Grace Otum Dietitian

As your dietitian, I am going to assess your needs and meet you there. I am going to provide clear, concise education that takes complex science and simplifies it for you – my client.  I will provide the tools that you and your family need to find success in the area of nutritional health you seek improvement.

Since I have previous experience working with children, teens, and adults, I can provide nutrition counseling that works for your whole family or just one member of the family! I also have experience working with different cultures and love being able to provide my clients with healthy options without depriving them of any traditional foods – we may just have to tweak things a bit! I’ll also help you manage and rewire any nutritional habits that may be hindering your health goals.

My experience in the behavioral health world has been an eyeopener in dealing with an array of people.  From different age groups to different stages in the Model of Change, I have been equipped with skills that help me empathize with my patients while providing them with simplified education.  Through my previous private practice experience, I was able to gain the skill of gauging where my client is on their health journey and adjust how best to present the nutrition education to them.

I have two dogs who think my time meditating on the floor means I have become their own personal doggie bed.  I love working out and watching sports – volleyball and basketball are my absolute favorite.  I am the youngest of 5 girls and I am originally from Nigeria; although after 20+ years and several y’alls later, I guess am technically a Texan! 😝