HFN Executive Program

Your Nutrition Goals: Met

Meet the groundbreaking nutrition program that makes meeting your nutrition goals simple, easy, and attainable.

Choose HFN Executive because you:

  • Want to change your diet, but don’t have time to worry about food
  • Want to follow a program that has been developed by medical professionals
  • Desire to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits and gain healthy ones
  • Want to improve your health, reduce your health risks, and feel great
  • Want to find the root causes of your habits and renegotiate the unhealthy status quo that leads you down a path of dissatisfaction
  • Don’t want to eliminate food groups or count calories
nutrition goals met

Eliminate Guesswork

We take the guesswork out of weight loss by eliminating the variables. You will be fed healthy meals made of food you love to eat (not food you force yourself to eat.) perfectly portioned to meet your specific dietary needs

Consistent Motivation

In addition to your dietitian, you’ll be assigned a dedicated health coach you can reach out to at any time. You’ll meet with your health coach at regular intervals between dietitian visits to tweak and assess the program’s performance.

Lasting Results

Upon discharge from the full program, clients have learned to independently execute the healthy habits it takes to thrive and sustain the results they earned during the program.

A thorough health analysis will be performed at the start of the program to assess current health implications and overall wellness. Positive health outcomes you can expect to see from the program are:

  • Body composition impact
  • Improved cholesterol and other blood lipids
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk or improvement of diabetes/prediabetes
  • Improved gut health

Your care team will include:

Registered Dietitian

Your Registered Dietitian will provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to help you maintain optimal health and identify your specific path to lifelong fitness.

Exercise Physiologist

Your Exercise Physiologist will conduct ongoing assessments and training with you to strengthen your body and mind along the journey.

Health Coach

Your Executive Coach will provide 24/7 concierge support where and when you need it.


Your chef will tailor meals to blend your individual preferences with precision guidance from your dietitian so you see the results you’re looking for.

We also recommend you establish with:

  • Physician and nurses identifying and treating physiological barriers and informing your plan with your unique health data
  • Therapists honing thought and behavior patterns to promote ease and clarity of a fulfilling life path

Features of the Health Impact Program:

  • Progress is measured by the gold standard of body composition (DEXA scan) 
  • Nutrition needs to be individually determined by Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing
  • Comprehensive wellness lab work (full blood workup to check for health issues) – before and after
  • Custom support schedule to stay on track with your plan
  • Comprehensive coordination of food, snacks and beverages where and when you need them
  • Supplements and shakes to be determined by your dietitian

How the 12-week program works:

  1. We start you off with baseline testing and measurements of key health metrics
  2. You meet with your Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist to establish a plan of care that is custom to fit your demanding schedule and needs. 
  3. Meet your Executive Coach who will be there with you when you need support, and provide accountability, reminders, and assist with troubleshooting changes in your schedule
  4. We take care of 100% of your meals and snacks no matter where you are; home, office or travel. Want to eat out with friends or co-workers? No problem. Just tell your coach where you’re going and you will receive expert recommendations on how to stay on track at that restaurant. 
  5. Meet routinely with your team to assess your progress and update your plan to keep up with your evolving needs
  6. Learn to take over the expert structure we implement for you over the course of the program. When the program is over, you will be in the driver’s seat of your health!
  7. Measure your impact after the 12-week program and see the results for yourself like so many others have!

To hear more about the program and its benefits, contact Moe Schlachter, MS RD LD CDCES, President or Kassi Beasley, Director of Clinical Nutrition.



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