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These are some of my favorite cookbooks. The Flavor Bible and The Food Lab are incredible books for learning more about how different foods and flavors work together. I always recommend The Can’t Cook Cookbook to clients who are hesitant about starting to cook more homemade meals. I also highly recommend Mediterranean cookbooks because the foods are so wholesome, incorporating lots of vegetables and whole grains.

The Flavor Bible

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible

The Food Lab

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Can’t Cook Cookbook

We may not all have the space for an expansive home gym, but if you’re looking to incorporate more exercise into your lifestyle, take a look at the fitness equipment below. All you really need are some weights and an exercise mat to get started. A Fitbit is also a great way to help motivate yourself to move more. If you have a competitive streak, try creating challenges where you compete against your friends to see who can get the most steps!

50lb Dumbell Set

32lb Dumbell Set

Exercise Mat

FitBit Surge

Healthy Gourmet Your Way

Healthy Gourmet Your Way MealsHealthy Gourmet meals are made fresh daily, require no subscription and are a great healthy meal option for busy people. Use code MOEFIT for 15% off your order! Shop now.

Once you’ve made the commitment to improve your eating habits, make it enjoyable with the proper tools. The Instant Pot is a great option if you don’t find yourself with a lot of time to cook. It cuts down the cook time on most foods to a fraction of the time. Portion out leftovers for lunch the next day with meal prep containers. And make sure your pans and knives are high quality. Nothing will turn you off of healthy eating like trying to hack away at vegetables with a dull, poor quality knife!

Vitamins & Supplements

Probiotics are an important part of keeping our gut healthy. For clients with digestive issues, I generally recommend taking a probiotic supplement to ensure adequate levels of healthy bacteria. This supplement is a great option because it not only contains 50 billion CFU’s (colony forming units), but it also contains prebiotics, which is the food probiotics need to live. Shop Now

I recommend this calcium to my clients because of how pure it is. Lots of other supplements have all sorts of added ingredients, but this supplement is purely calcium, magnesium, a stabilizer and a capsule. I believe that most of our nutrients are best obtained from food, but calcium is one that is so vital, that many people can benefit from supplementing. Adequate calcium is vital for ensuring healthy bones, especially as we age, and especially in women. Shop Now

Dietary Aids

Oral Rehydration Salts

Ketone Strips

Banatrol for Diarrhea

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