Interview with ESPN 97.5 Weight Loss Participant

Interview with ESPN 97.5 Weight Loss Participant

We caught up with Michael Vayner, who is participating in the ESPN 97.5 Usual Suspects Weight Loss Challenge to hear how the challenge has impacted his day to day life.

HFN: What has been the biggest surprise to you about this Weight Loss Challenge?

MICHAEL: How easy it has been to make small changes to better my health.

HFN: What is something you are doing now on a consistent basis that you were not doing before we got started?

MICHAEL: I am no longer drinking Soda.  The first 4 days were tough, with headaches and cravings, but I got through it and am drinking lots more water than I have ever before.

HFN: If there is one thing people losing weight need to know, what would you say that is?

MICHAEL: Its not easy, but if you want to make it happen, there is always a way.  Starting out slow and small is the way I have started.  Cutting back here and there, eating smaller portions, spacing out meals and snacks.

HFN: Why is success in this challenge important to you?

MICHAEL: I have two beautiful girls who someday I want to walk down the aisle and hopefully I would be able to meet my grandkids.

HFN: What remains as your biggest challenge today?

MICHAEL: Meal prepping

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